Choose Happiness Over History

For this Mental Health Minute, we’re discussing one of the sayings that has helped us through many difficult times. ‘Choose Happiness Over History’. What we mean by this is choose your own happiness over history with anyone or anything. The ‘history’ can be from relationships, friendships, family and even places such as work or your hometown.  Sometimes, it can be … Continue reading Choose Happiness Over History

Positive Influencers You Need To Follow

Copyright: dralexgeorge Instagram Scrolling through social media can lead to so many negative thoughts about ourselves and others. One way to avoid this is to only follow people that make you feel good! You shouldn’t leave Instagram feeling like crap (the mute button is GOLD for those accounts you just can’t unfollow). Check out these accounts … Continue reading Positive Influencers You Need To Follow

You Survived January!

Well, we’ve done it... we’ve officially made it to the end of January! The first month of every year is difficult with the excitement of Christmas and New Year being over, then having to get back to work or school when it’s dark and cold out- let's face it, it’s probably the worst month of the year. But January … Continue reading You Survived January!

Digital Detox- Let’s Discuss

We’re all guilty of spending way too much time on our phones endlessly scrolling through Twitter, Instagram and Tiktok. While the hours pass and we’ve consumed (mainly) pointless media, we rarely give a thought to what that does to our brains. Before we begin, this isn’t one of those guilt posts ramming the dangers of social media down … Continue reading Digital Detox- Let’s Discuss

Mental Health Minute: Letting Go

Welcome to 2021! It’s a brand-new year so there is no better time to start afresh. Although this year isn’t quite like others with the UK in a national lockdown and COVID restrictions still in place throughout many parts of the world, this doesn’t mean you can’t make your personal life more positive.   With so many things out … Continue reading Mental Health Minute: Letting Go

Our Foolproof Mulled Wine Recipe

With only 4 days to go until the big day we couldn’t think of anything we’d rather be drinking right now than a nice hot glass of Mulled Wine. There’s something so festive and cosy about this drink that makes it so perfect to be drinking in the week of Christmas. Especially this year, tasty and warming drinks are … Continue reading Our Foolproof Mulled Wine Recipe

How To Stay Sustainable This Christmas

Being more sustainable is an ever growing concern for everyone, we're all trying to make small changes to our daily lives and any change is a positive one. However, with all the fun and festivities over the Christmas period, it can be easy to forget about sustainability, these small changes can help you to stay … Continue reading How To Stay Sustainable This Christmas

Things To Do In December That Are Guaranteed To Get You In The Christmas Spirit

It's officially the most magical time of the year with less than a month to go until Christmas! To celebrate and kick off our Christmas content, we've rounded up our favourite things to do in December to get you in the Christmas spirit. We know that things are going to be different this year, but … Continue reading Things To Do In December That Are Guaranteed To Get You In The Christmas Spirit

5 Organisation Tips To Get You Through Even The Busiest Of Days

Trying to keep on top of things can get really tricky, especially during lockdown where it's even more acceptable than usual to do nothing all day. So, whether you're still working or in education, or keeping on top of your general life admin we've got you covered in these 5 simple steps.  Set Aside Time … Continue reading 5 Organisation Tips To Get You Through Even The Busiest Of Days