Choose Happiness Over History

For this Mental Health Minute, we’re discussing one of the sayings that has helped us through many difficult times. ‘Choose Happiness Over History’. What we mean by this is choose your own happiness over history with anyone or anything. The ‘history’ can be from relationships, friendships, family and even places such as work or your hometown. 

Sometimes, it can be easier to go back to the past, you can have so many questions whirling around in your mind: Maybe they’ve have changed? Things could be different this time? We often want to revisit the past because we’re forgiving people and there’s nothing like nostalgia, right?  

Here, we like to believe in second chances but if someone’s shown you what they’re really like- believe them! We can’t always see the world through rose tinted glasses, no matter how much easier that might be.  

If you do start to think about going back to the thing that hurt you, just stop for a moment and ask yourself a few questions before you do. Why didn’t it work out in the first place? Did you feel at peace without them? (That’s not the same as missing them by the way)! And finally, ask how it felt when they hurt you and when it ended. Mainly, can your mental health risk going through that again? 

The main takeaway from this post is to trust your instincts and be sure to put yourself first, always. Choose happiness over history and you’ll see your inner peace and mental health improve. At the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about. 

We hope you enjoyed this Mental Health Minute post and that you found it useful.  

Keep an eye out on the next few posts for a very exciting announcement!  

What are your favourite quotes that have improved your mental health? Let us know in the comments!   

Love, The Mental Health Makeover team x 

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