Positive Influencers You Need To Follow

Copyright: dralexgeorge Instagram

Scrolling through social media can lead to so many negative thoughts about ourselves and others. One way to avoid this is to only follow people that make you feel good! You shouldn’t leave Instagram feeling like crap (the mute button is GOLD for those accounts you just can’t unfollow). Check out these accounts for all the positive vibes you need on your feed! 

Dr Alex George

Copyright: dralexgeorge Instagram

You might know Dr Alex best from his time on Love Island, he’s an influencer that does so much good off his socials like come on, the man literally saves lives! Anyway, back to his Insta, he promotes positive mental health and shares his top tips to stay mentally healthy. He also gives a great insight to what it’s like working on the front line during the pandemic. What a hero! 

Find him: 

Instagram: @dralexgeorge  

YouTube: Dr Alex George 

Podcast: The Waiting Room  

Abi (The Eco Goddess)

Copyright: theecgoddess Instagram

We all want to live more sustainably so we HAD to share our favorite ‘green’ account with you. She gives easy tips and tricks on how to live greener but teaches you in a fun and friendly way that’s not patronising. She accepts that we’re not all perfect and that trying your best is something that should always be celebrated. 

Find her: 

Instagram: @theecogoddess  

Anna Williamson

Copyright: themummymot.com

You might know Anna from Celebs Go Dating or the hilarious Luanna: The Podcast (we have recommended it before). If you don’t know her, she’s a life coach and bestselling author specialising in mental health. Her Insta a super positive place with a funny anecdote or two thrown in every once in a while. She keeps it real and is guaranteed to cheer you up. 

Find her: 

Instagram: @annawilliamsonofficial  

Podcast: Luanna: The Podcast 

Podcast: Breaking Mum and Dad 

Books: All the main bookstores and online retailers 

Lottie Murphy

Copyright: lottiemurphy.com

Here’s one for all you fitness lovers (or anyone wanting to get into Pilates). She’s so calming and positive; during exercises she’s motivating but never in a shouty way. You’ll come away from each practice feeling great and being excited to get back on the mat again. Her Insta is so wholesome if you’re just looking to follow someone new incase Pilates isn’t your thing, 

Find her: 

Instagram: @lottiemurphy_ 

YouTube: Lottie Murphy 

Virtual Studio: lottiemurphy.com (exclaimer: this is a paid subscription service, for free content check out her YouTube channel) 

Mark Ferris

Copyright: teneightymagazine.com

Basically, your online best friend who will always put a smile on your face. Give him a follow for fun and positive content. He’s so relatable and just gives off great vibes all round. What’s not to love? 

Find him: 

Instagram: @markyyferris  

YouTube: Mark Ferris 

Emma Johnson

Copyright: emmasrectangle Instagram

Following Emma can only be described as catching up with an old friend. She’s one of those people that always makes you smile; she shows the ups and downs to day- to- day life making you feel so at home in her company. P.S she also has the coolest home décor style that we just can’t get enough of. 

Find her: 

Instagram: @emmasrectangle  

YouTube: Emmas Rectangle 

Nayna Florence Patel

Copyright: naynaflorence Instagram

Nayna is essentially a ray of sunshine that shines through your screen and gives you warmth from within. Her super cute content just radiates pure happiness. She also never shy’s away from discussing topics with everything from friendships to BLM and Asian hate crime. 

Find her: 

Instagram: @naynaflorence  

YouTube: Nayna Florence 

Podcast: Growing With The Flow 

Meg Hughes

Copyright: Meg Hughes YouTube

Calm, cosy and homely vibes is what you’ll be getting from Meg. She gives great book recommendations and journaling advice. She never backs away from showing her ‘bad’ days (we all have them). An amazing bit of content she recently posted was her getting upset when she didn’t fit into a pair of jeans, she managed to spin this round to a positive and show everyone that these feelings are normal and okay. Carry on keeping it real, Meg! 

Find her: 

Instagram: @meggghughes  

YouTube: Meg Hughes 

Karina (Style Idealist)

Copyright: styleidealist Instagram

A body positive fashion influencer that has a style to suit everyone. We take so much inspo from her and just adore everything she wears. Her fashion reels are a firm favorite- bank accounts, watch out! 

Find her: 

Instagram: @styleidealist 

Blog: thestyleidealist.com 

Podcast: Pear- Shaped Podcast 

Dija Ayodele

Copyright: westroomaethetics.com

A skincare queen showing us the best recommendations no matter what your skin type or age. She also shows skincare for everyone regardless of your budget. She knows what ingredients work and which ones to stay away from. Make no mistake, Dija knows what she’s talking about! 

Find her: 

Instagram: @dija_ayodele  

Instagram: @westroom_aesthetics  

Instagram: @blackskindirectory  

Elle (Truly Twenties)

Copyright: trulytwenties Instagram

‘Talking about the truths of being in your twenties’ Elle sums it up perfectly. She shares lots of tips of how to deal with the highs and lows of being in your twenties. She shares advice from people who’ve gone through it and also gives her followers the space to share their thoughts and experiences to a community of wonderful people who are there to simply support one another. We couldn’t think of anything better! 

Find her: 

Instagram: @trulytwenties_ 

We hope you enjoy checking out these accounts and give them lots of love and support. And, of course, that they impact your life (and Insta feeds) in a positive way.  

Keep an eye out on the next blog post for a very exciting announcement! 

Who are your favorite positive influencers? Let us know in the comments!  

Love, The Mental Health Makeover team x 

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