You Survived January!

Well, we’ve done it… we’ve officially made it to the end of January! The first month of every year is difficult with the excitement of Christmas and New Year being over, then having to get back to work or school when it’s dark and cold out- let’s face it, it’s probably the worst month of the year. But January 2021 has had extra pressures and stresses added to it with restrictions still in many places across the world, so we just wanted to write a post to check in with everyone and say well done for making it through January! 

From all of us here at The Mental Health Makeover, we wanted to say a huge well done for surviving January. There seems to be this unwritten rule that January is the time for a fresh start and to transform your life. We don’t believe this, as it puts way too much pressure on everyone for a new year and this year it’s even more important that people don’t feel forced into the whole ‘new year new me’ concept. However you’ve spent this January, you’ve done amazing for getting through it and we’re so proud of you for making it through- things WILL get better. 

Love, The Mental Health Makeover Team x 

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