Mental Health Minute: Letting Go

Welcome to 2021! It’s a brand-new year so there is no better time to start afresh. Although this year isn’t quite like others with the UK in a national lockdown and COVID restrictions still in place throughout many parts of the world, this doesn’t mean you can’t make your personal life more positive.  

With so many things out of our control, what and who you have in your life is one thing you can control is letting go of negativity whether that be people, things or the energy around you. When it comes to letting go, some of our top tips are to firstly identify the negativity in your life, once this is done you can decide how to go about getting rid of them. Getting a friend or family members perspective or advice on the situation is always useful but do make sure they’re neutral on the situation as you’ll get the best advice this way. If it is a person or thing that is no longer in your life, but you just can’t get out of your head and it is getting you down, time is obviously a great healer. One of our favourite methods for letting go is to write a letter to the person or about the situation, get all your thoughts and feelings out, even the ones you might be too scared to admit to yourself, and once this is done destroy it and you’ll feel a massive weight lifted off your shoulders and you’ll start to feel much better. 

We hope you enjoyed this post and have found it useful, please feel free to leave your tips for letting go in the comments to help others. As always, please feel free to contact us with any suggestions, questions or even just a friendly chat, we’re always here.   

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Love, The Mental Health Makeover team x 

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