How To Stay Sustainable This Christmas

Being more sustainable is an ever growing concern for everyone, we’re all trying to make small changes to our daily lives and any change is a positive one. However, with all the fun and festivities over the Christmas period, it can be easy to forget about sustainability, these small changes can help you to stay sustainable even at Christmas.

Recyclable Wrapping

Think about Christmas morning seeing the waste all over the living room that you can’t recycle because of all the ribbon and glittery wrapping paper, not only does it make a huge mess and you’ll be getting glitter caught in your hoover for weeks but, it’s really bad for the environment. Don’t think that because your wrapping is recyclable that it can’t look good, use brown paper, recyclable string to tie up the present and dried oranges or cinnamon sticks to decorate. It will make for a classy and elegant wrapping and will smell delicious too! 

Shop Small

Shopping from small businesses isn’t only a massive help to the business owners but is good for the planet too. With less packaging and more ethically sourced and made products, shopping from small businesses is the way forward when it comes to Christmas shopping from now on. 

Don’t Buy Unnecessary Things

When we say this, we’re definitely not talking about restricting yourself as like everyone we’ll be buying the big four (Quality Street, Roses, Celebrations and Heroes- we couldn’t imagine Christmas without them). When doing your Christmas shop don’t be sucked in by the so called ‘deals’ supermarkets put on for Christmas, most of the time they aren’t saving you any money at all and create lots of unnecessary food waste. 

Homemade Gifts

Instead of spending lots of money on a shop brought gift, why not make something at home, that shows the person you’ve put time, effort and plenty of thought into their gift and it’s usually something they will keep forever which is rare with a lot of gifts. 

Use Local Markets and Services

Most of our waste at Christmas will be from food, the plastic that fruit and veg comes in at Supermarkets and the amount that comes in packets is crazy! Using local markets and food services in your local area can solve these problems and create almost zero waste from food. 

Send E-Cards

Sending and receiving cards is one of the oldest Christmas traditions but how many of us really keep all the cards we receive? E-cards are a great way to carry on this tradition while being more sustainable and saving time by not having to hand write all those cards. 

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