5 Organisation Tips To Get You Through Even The Busiest Of Days

Trying to keep on top of things can get really tricky, especially during lockdown where it’s even more acceptable than usual to do nothing all day. So, whether you’re still working or in education, or keeping on top of your general life admin we’ve got you covered in these 5 simple steps. 

Set Aside Time To Plan

In order to be just like the organisation queens you see on Instagram you need to know what works for you and set aside time to plan. Whether you’re planning your meals, workouts or your whole week, you need to give yourself some dedicated time to plan your week or day to make sure you’re including everything that needs to be done, in an order that works for you and isn’t too overwhelming. 

Keep A Diary

By having a diary that you can pop all those important birthdays and family occasions in alongside appointments and your social calendar, not only will you never forget anything again (we’ve all had that embarrassing moment when you’ve forgotten someone’s birthday) but you can look in your diary when you’re planning your week, which helps you to organise your week around your plans. 

Use That Planner

We’ve already spoken about planning your week and a good planner is the best way to do this, despite what Instagram might make you think, you don’t need to spend big to get one- most supermarkets and shops such as Home Bargains and Poundland have them. When planning your week, firstly put in work or commitments that have a set day and time, next put in what exercise you’re going to do on what day, then add in when you’ll be doing your cleaning/ house chores, meals and personal things such as washing your hair and painting your nails (work these around your preplanned commitments) finally, add everything else you need to do these are normally things that change week by week. Our favourite tip when planning your week is to colour code everything, the categories we have are work, cleaning, everyday tasks, personal, fitness and creativity. 

Plan Your Day By The Hour

It’s always good to have a clear plan of what you’re doing every day and planning your day by the hour is the perfect way to do this. We use the notes app on our phones and use the tick box feature as it’s always rewarding when you tick a task off. We plan the night before and start with the time you’re going to wake up, add in your morning routine, pop in your tasks for the day then finish off with your relaxation and evening routine (don’t forget you always need to give yourself some me time). 

Reward Yourself

Think back to when you were younger, and your parents or teachers used reward charts to make you do chores or schoolwork- it always worked so why not use these in your adult life. We split ours into morning and evening and have categories such as meditation, reading, skincare and yoga throughout the chart. When you’ve completed a task tick it off and if you’ve ticked off all the tasks for the day you get a star and when you’ve got a certain number of stars you give yourself a reward. This is a win win as not only are you completing tasks but you’re getting rewards for doing so. 

We hope you enjoyed this post and have found it useful, please feel free to leave your organisation tips in the comments to help others. As always, please feel free to contact us with any suggestions, questions or even just a friendly chat, we’re always here. 

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Love, The Mental Health Makeover team x

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