The Positive Place 4- Sir David Attenborough Joins Instagram To Give Us An Important Message

BBC/ Sam Barker

On the 24th September, the world was blessed with an amazing new Instagram account- Sir David Attenborough! However, he didn’t join to show us his golden hour selfie or his avocado on toast (although that is something we’d LOVE to see!) He has an important message to convey to us and he chose Instagram as his latest platform. 

It was set up to coincide with his new Netflix series, A Life On Our Planet, where he aims to not just tell us the issues the world faces with climate change, waste and extinction, but to give us solutions to these very real and ever-growing problems that if we do not fix, will destroy our planet. 

Although David is posting about really heartbreaking issues, his tone and advice gives hope and inspires change which is what is needed to get people firstly to listen and then to act, and act urgently. 

From his posts, we have learnt about a variety of topics from Biodiversity (the loss of nature) to climate change, however he is not the only familiar face to appear on the Instagram… celebs such as Billie Eilish, David Beckham and Marcus Rashford all sent in videos with their questions which he answered in an IGTV.

The account has also been given the Royal seal of approval with Prince William appearing not once but twice to discuss his brand new Earthshot prize, the most prestigious global environment prize in history, which is hoping to inspire a decade of change to repair the planet. There was also three very cute questions from the Cambridge kids: Prince George asking what animal David thinks will become extinct next, Princess Charlotte shyly telling him she likes spiders and asking if he likes them too, but perhaps the star of the show was little Prince Louis asking what animal (or amimal as he pronounced it) David likes!

Kensington Palace via Getty Images

We really hope you check out the A Life On Our Planet documentary, Sir Davids Instagram and the Earthshot prize, to draw inspiration and show you the changes you can make to your everyday life that will positively influence our planet. 

Please feel free to leave any tips you’ve learnt that will help our planet or what question you’d ask David if you had the chance in the comments to help others. As always, please feel free to contact us with any suggestions, questions or even just a friendly chat, we’re always here. 

Love, The Mental Health Makeover team x

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