The Positive Place 2- Ellie Goldstein The Down Syndrome Gucci Model Who’s Defying Typical Beauty Standards

When you think of beauty and fashion campaigns what do you think of? We thought about this and came up with, size 6 models, unreachable beauty standards and all the models looking similar. It has been clear for years that something needs to change about this, slowly but surely it has, however we think that Ellie Goldstein is the catalyst that will change the fashion and beauty industry for the better. 

Gucci / David PD Hyde

18- year- old Ellie, a model with Down Syndrome was part of the Gucci Beauty and Vogue Italia’s ‘Unconventional Beauty’ campaign which was designed to highlight new talents within the modelling industry and promote ‘unconventional’ beauty into mainstream campaigns. Ellie is one of the first Down Syndrome models to be featured with Gucci. 

Ellie touched on the importance of self-love and how more people need to be represented in the modelling world. When speaking to British Vogue she said, “Representation is very important to me- let the world see that anyone can model and act with a disability.” “Once people realise I can talk and have a great character, they are different towards me and they smile. There needs to be more positivity out there and people should give us a chance and not be so ignorant.” 

Gucci / David PD Hyde

Not only will Ellie’s modelling work change the way many people view Down syndrome but after hearing what she has to say we believe that she will become a great advocate for everyone, from showing the significance of self-love to helping those who feel misrepresented. We are sure she will help so many people and inspire others to believe in their own unique beauty! 

We hope you enjoyed this post and have found it positive, please feel free to post any positive stories you have seen in the comments to make others smile. As always, please feel free to contact us with any suggestions, questions or even just a friendly chat, we’re always here. 

Love, The Mental Health Makeover team x

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