10 Everyday Steps To Practice Self-Love

We all know the importance of self-love, no-one is saying you should love every little thing about yourself, there is no-one that does! But, all too often we’re our own worst critic, would you speak to your loved ones they way you speak to yourself- most of the time we wouldn’t even speak to our enemies that way! We could all practice self-love more and these 10 quick changes can help you to practice everyday self-love. 

Surround Yourself With Positivity 

Whether it be people, a quote in your bedroom, your work life or what you consume every day from food to Instagram, we need to surround ourselves with positive things that make us feel good. We all have a person, food, TV show, whatever it may be that is super positive and makes us feel good, not just about yourself but about life. These are the things you should be surrounding yourself with, and try to spend time with, consume or do daily. Just something so simple can bring you so much joy. 

Get Rid Of Things That Don’t Bring You Joy 

What’s the point in surrounding yourself with positivity if you still have negativity all around you? Getting rid of things that don’t bring you joy can be tricky, if a person you’re close to is no longer bringing you joy, or if work brings you down, it’s not always so easy to just get rid of them. In these cases, you can try to take steps to make them more positive aspects in your life, for example speak to someone about what isn’t working for you in the situation whether that be speaking to your boss, a friend or family member. Addressing the issue is the first step to fixing it, you must remember to give the situation time to resolve, however don’t feel guilty if you do need to cut people off. 

Stop consuming negativity, if watching Love Island and following the Islanders on Instagram makes you feel rubbish about yourself then don’t watch and unfollow- we know we’ve had to unfollow many accounts that make us feel like we’re not good enough because we don’t have the perfect pout or the peachiest bum! It can be strange unfollowing these types of accounts because then you’re left with the ‘real world’ but what’s so wrong with that- as Hannah Montana taught us, Nobody’s Perfect! 

Make Sure You Move

As we’re sure everyone is fed up of hearing, exercise gives you endorphins which trigger a positive feeling in the body (we aren’t scientists here, so we’ll just have to trust Google on that one!) When we hear exercise we think running, intense gym sessions and not being able to breath, but it really doesn’t have to be that way. Simple exercises such as a 10-minute hitt workout, going for a walk (or run if that’s more your thing), yoga or even a dance workout are easy ways to add movement to your day and can even be fun! 

Stay Hydrated 

The list of benefits to drinking water are endless but these are some of our favourites: it can improve your mood, can reduce migraines and headaches, and can improve exercise performance! We’re all guilty of not drinking enough water, but hopefully these tips will help you to stay hydrated throughout the day, without it seeming like a chore. 

Take a pint of water to bed with you, perfect for if you wake up in the night thirsty but will allow you to drink a pint of water before you even get out of bed. When scrolling through your phone in the morning why not drink the remaining water- a healthier start to the day and ticking that first drink of water off your to do list! 

Fill up your pint glass, or reusable water bottle, and have it with you while you’re exercising, the more you move the more you’ll drink. When you’re recovering after your workout make sure you finish your water. That’s two pints and you won’t have even thought about it. 

If you always keep water next to you, you’ll reach for it much more and you’ll be so surprised at how much you drink- trust us, we were shocked! 

Reflect On Your Day 

Keeping a diary can really help you to think about your day, the positives you want to be sure to do tomorrow and if there was anything you could have done differently to make the day even better. A diary is particularly useful if you’re going through a tough time as it can help to identify patterns in things that aren’t positive in your life, which could make your problems easier to fix. Finding out what the issue is and addressing it is often half the battle. 

Show Gratitude 

An excuse to get a beautiful new notebook- what more could you want! Everyday, write down two or three things you have been grateful for that day, even if it hasn’t been the best. They can be the simplest things such as the weather being nice, making your bed, or having your favourite food. Doing this will not only help show that there is a positive take out of each day but will help you to appreciate the small things in life. 

Positive Affirmations 

Saying a positive affirmation to yourself in the mirror every morning can really shape your day and allow you to leave the house feeling good about yourself and ready to tackle whatever the world has to throw at you. Make sure you smile at yourself while you’re saying your affirmation, it can really make all the difference. It might feel weird or uncomfortable at first but the more you do it the, easier it will become and the more you’ll believe what you’re telling yourself- it might even help you to take compliments from others! 

Here are some of our favourite affirmations to get you started: 

“I choose to be happy and love myself today” 

“I will be kind to myself today” 

I am worthy” 

“I am confident, I am focused, I am unstoppable” 

“I am enough and worthy of love” 

Set Aside Some Me Time 

No matter how busy your day is, there is always a spare 10 or 20 minutes you can set aside just for yourself. This is your time to do whatever you want whether that be to watch some TV or take a nap, but we’ve given some ideas of what you can do during this time (that are all social media free, so the time remains positive). 

Tidy Space= Tidy Mind 

We all know that when your mood gets low your surroundings tend to show this. Why not try a little bit of reverse psychology and see if by keeping your surroundings clean and tidy it positively impacts your mind? We’ve chosen our top three things you can do each day to keep your space tidy. And although it seems a pain to do, the more you keep on top of things the easier it becomes, and it will make you feel better. 

1.) Make your bed- yes, every morning, even if you’re just gonna lie on it all day 

2.) Put things away instead of putting them on the floor or ‘the chair’ (we all have one) 

3.) Do a 10-minute tidy before bed, this can be in each room of the house or just your bedroom but either way it is an achievement that will make your job list much more manageable. 


The benefits of meditation are endless, from helping control anxiety to enhancing self-awareness, everyone has a reason to meditate! Team Mental Health Makeover like to meditate at the end of the day when they’re ready for bed so they’re nice and cosy and don’t have any tasks for the day left to do. We have found the best meditation routine is to do a meditation for self-love followed by a sleep meditation, all of which can be found, for free, on YouTube. Doing these meditations leave you feeling good about yourself before bed, meaning you’re less likely to have negative thoughts racing round your head keeping you awake. We have all found that since we started doing these meditations, that we have been getting to sleep quicker and the sleep quality is much better- seems like a win win, so why not give it a go! 

We hope you enjoyed this post and have found it useful, please feel free to leave your tips for self-love in the comments to help others. As always, please feel free to contact us with any suggestions, questions or even just a friendly chat, we’re always here. 

Love, The Mental Health Makeover team x

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