Welcome To The Blog

Hello, and welcome to The Mental Health Makeover, a new lifestyle and mental health blog!

What To Expect On Our Blog

The blog will be full of stories, tips and quick reads all about lifestyle and mental health. Check out our home page to visit each section of the blog: Lifestyle, Mental Health Stories, What We’re Loving, The Positive Place and Mental Health Minute.

Every Friday at 5pm (UK time) there will be a new post for you to digest and enjoy over the weekend, they will give you some great tips or food for thought, so that you can take the time to research, add something new to your routine or simply start a conversation- which is so important.

Why We Decided To Start The Blog

We decided to start The Mental Health Makeover as after years of struggling with various aspects of mental health, we all finally feel in a good place. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic putting the world in lockdown, we decided to take it as a positive time to reflect and make beneficial, everyday changes. Of course, a key factor in starting the blog was to help others, even those who don’t feel as if they struggle with their mental health, this is a blog for everyone. Although there will be a key focus on mental health, lifestyle posts will be about how to live a happier, healthier, more organised life- so there really is something for everyone!

We really hope that you enjoy the blog, we want it to be a happy, safe and positive space for everyone, no matter who they are, where they come from or what race, religion or sexuality you are- you’re all welcome here!

This is for the readers as much as us writers so please do contact is with any suggestions, questions or even just for a friendly chat, we’re always here.

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Love, The Mental Health Makeover team x

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